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Pannar’s March eastern maize trial tour

Pannar's team of managers, agricultural experts, and breeders recently completed a maize trial tour in the eastern production area. Over three days, more than forty trials were visited.

The tour started near Middelburg and ended in Bergville. Bruce Paterson, Product Agronomist for the Eastern Production Region, coordinated the tour, during which potential new hybrids were investigated, evaluated, and compared with existing stalwarts under diverse production environments and practices.

After harvest, these potential hybrids will be statistically analysed and compared to the existing stalwarts. Pipeline products are then tested in Pannar's P3 (Pannar Preferred Products) trial series under the umbrella of the Panagri™ research program, which forms the cornerstone of our product development process. These statistical strip trials are used to test new pipeline products in collaboration with farmers at the farm level, using normal management practices under the prevailing environmental conditions on their farms. The performance of these products is then compared to the performance of Pannar's current commercial and opposition products. In this way, the P3 trial results function as a final fire test before the large-scale launch of the new products.

In addition to the P3 statistical trials, approximately 20 product placement trials are planted in different locations. According to Grant Pringle, Pannar's Chief Agronomist, the disparate data is centralised in the PanagriTM program where Pannar's advisors can easily access it. We can then provide individual farmers with the most accurate recommendations for Pannar's hybrids and cultivars that will perform best within their specific production conditions and advice on managing these products. All of this helps the farmer to optimise his production potential and profitability.

For more information about Pannar's crop package, please contact your nearest Pannar representative.


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