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PAN 4R-811BR produced an excellent wet silage yield of 75 tons per hectare

Phillip Nel, Pannar's representative in Koster, reports that PAN 4R-811BR produced an excellent wet silage yield of 75 tons per hectare near Derby.

Early white hybrid PAN 4R-811BR was planted under irrigation at 65,000 plants per hectare. It is very popular in eastern production areas and performs well under a wide range of plant populations and yield potential levels. The hybrid has good general disease tolerance, standability, hectolitre mass, grain, and milling quality.

Pannar markets a range of white and yellow maize hybrids ideal for silage making. Good maize silage is integral to feedlots, dairies and other intensive livestock production systems.

Three major factors affect the final yield and quality of the silage.

1. The first is the climate, which is largely out of our control. This includes water/rainfall, sunlight, heat units, soil properties, pests and diseases.

2. The second is hybrid selection. Choosing the hybrid best adapted to the given production region is important.

3. The third factor is management, which often has the largest impact on the yield and quality of the silage. Management focuses on tillage practices, fertilisation practices, crop planting and establishment, the physiological age of the maize when the silage is cut, the length of the chop, the crushing of plant material, and the process of filling and compacting the bunker.

Choose hybrids from Pannar's range as recommended for your production region, or consult your local Pannar representative for expert guidance.


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