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Meet the rep: Gavin Thomson – KwaZulu-Natal Midlands

Why do your customers feel secure in making Pannar a part of their success story?

Pannar's commitment to exceptional service ensures that our farmers receive tailored support and guidance throughout their farming journey.

In addition, our agronomists' expertise offers invaluable insights and recommendations based on extensive data, optimising our customers’ crop performance and yield potential.

Lastly, Pannar's dedication to developing high-yielding products that consistently deliver results empowers farmers to achieve their agricultural goals year after year.

How does Pannar’s Panagri® programme benefit your customers?

Pannar’s Panagri® programme entails rigorously testing and selecting the best cultivars through field trials. This ensures my farmers can choose varieties tailored to our local climate conditions here in KwaZulu-Natal. This results in enhanced crop performance and more consistent yields.

Which three words would your customers use to describe you as their representative?

Honest, positive and a straight-shooter.

How can farmers in the KZN Midlands get hold of you?

Farmers can contact me on 076 489 8343 for a personal recommendation for their farm. I am always eager to assist with my in-depth local knowledge.


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