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Fanie Roux and Rudolf van Eeden are proud of the excellent yield from Pannar’s PAN 4R-528R

Rudolf planted PAN 4R-528R at 48,000 plants per hectare.

Rudolf farms near Arnot, and Fanie is his Pannar representative. Fanie says all Rudolf's maize is from Pannar's stable. His yellow maize planting also includes PAN 3P-924PW and PAN 5A-182, with the largest portion consisting of PAN 4A-132, excelling at 48,000 plants per hectare.

Rudolf's white maize planting consists of the conventional hybrids PAN 4A-111 and PAN 5A-163, which he grows under a contract that requires non-GMO grain. Fanie says all these hybrids are an excellent choice in the Arnot/Carolina area.

For more information on Pannar's excellent range of summer crops, contact Fanie Roux on 082 928 7378 or your nearest Pannar representative.


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